If you are operating a travel reservation system, with an API that has the ability to check live inventory and to make instantly confirmed bookings of tours and activities products, then working with Livn, and helping us connect to your system, will benefit your business in a number of ways.


We can offer you and your suppliers access to a constantly growing number of distribution channels, from exciting new mobile applications, brick and mortar travel agencies and OTAs, to global distribution systems like Amadeus. A connection into the Livn API will grow your exposure and give you immediate access to this huge additional marketplace, without relinquishing control over who it is that gets to sell your products.

Reduced Technical Support

Our service is designed and built to essentially act as a gateway to your API, and can as such alleviate a lot of the initial and ongoing workload, that comes with supporting any number of clients, that would otherwise be connected directly to your API. If you have a prospective new client eager to book and onsell your products, why not refer them to Livn, and let us guide their developers along the way. This potentially significant reduction in technical support translates to real tangible cost savings.

Reduced Traffic and Extended Features

Livn quite frequently receives feature requests from distributors, which we always evaluate honestly and aim to fill wherever possible. On some occasions such requests would require functionality, that is actually not immediately present in some, or even most of our suppliers’ reservation systems and/or their APIs. The premier example for such a feature, is the ability to search products by name, category or geographic locations, but in conjunction with the condition of having sufficient availability for a specific date or date range. This particular feature was requested from us by a number of sizeable retail partners, but appeared next to impossible to implement, as this type of query is in fact not possible in any of our supplier APIs.

Because we love a good challenge at Livn, we got thinking and came to the conclusion that the best and possibly only solution, was to create a cache of 366 days worth of availability and rates, covering all distinct bookable variants of all products in our inventory. With tens of thousands of such bookable product variations in the system, this cache comprises millions of records. Obviously maintaining such a massive hoard of inherently dynamic data, while striking the right balance between minimising stale records and false positives (i.e. the cache still thinks a product is available, but it isn’t) on the one hand, and keeping the amount of live availability and price requests we impose on our supplier APIs as low as possible, is itself a tricky job. Simply updating millions of records on an hourly/daily/weekly basis, is outright impossible. Without going into the technical nitty-gritty, we had to combine a wide array of programmatic smarts, to build this cache as it exists today, as well as keep all data entirely in memory, allowing for much faster access.

While at first glance this cache and the admittedly still immense number of API requests needed to keep its data as up to date as possible, may appear to be deterrent to a reservation system operator as the provider of that data, we are convinced that its existence ultimately shields our suppliers from a far greater amount of traffic still, were our clients forced to utilise the underlying supplier APIs separately, in even remotely the same fashion, in an attempt to build anything close to same level of functionality. As the cache essentially eliminates the need for our clients to access true live data and requests to your API, right up to the point of making an actual booking request, we firmly believe this to be another part of our services, that can leave a positive mark on your bottom line.

Added Value

Livn employs a team of dedicated content editors, tasked with checking, cleaning up and completing every record of data received from our suppliers. When we connect to your API, we will gratefully use as much of the product information you can provide us with as possible, before amending any missing details, that will help your clients and the end customer, and which are commonly requested from us, such as images, geolocation data or detailed tour descriptions and itineraries. From working closely with various reservation systems over several years, we know it can be challenging to convince tour operators to provide and maintain feature-rich and consistent information for their products, so this guarantee to provide curated content is part of our service offering not only to our distribution partners but you, the suppliers.