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Profit Margins 

More direct sales mean less commissions chipping away at your margins.


You own the official site tickets button, the customer, booking journey and the data from beginning to end.

Brand Control 

Have full control over distribution, brand management, and easier end‑to‑end analytics. 

Direct Traffic

83% of mobile bookings happen after doing smartphone research on Google, so be where your audience is.


Google removed its functionality to Reserve with Google (RwG) in August 2021 and is now piloting the introduction of the Things to do program where users can easily compare options for visiting their favourite attractions and will be able to click through to your website to complete the transaction.

Livn is Google’s global connectivity partner helping small, medium, and large tour operators to get more control over their content, pricing, and distribution in this new program. We power the OFFICIAL SITE button that will take users directly to your website and you get free exposure on Google.

Livn is not a reservation system or an Online Travel Agency (OTA) which means no commission, instead we constructively help tour operators to improve their profit margins by connecting them directly to consumers with the least amount of middlemen and cost.

The Google and Livn integration activates your inventory to consumers from Google Search results so they can decide where they want to book, placing the option to book with you directly, front and centre.

Things to do is live for attraction and ticketing businesses, next is the expansion for tours & activities. 

Get future ready with Google and Livn! 


Sports & Stadiums

Immersive Experience 

Themed Entertainment 

Art, Culture & Heritage


Nature & Wildlife


What is the difference between Reserve with Google (RwG) and Google Things to do? 

Reserve with Google produced a “Buy Tickets” button creating a buying flow where customers would never leave the search engine. On the back end, customers would complete their booking through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). By using OTAs, operators used to lose control of their product display and had to pay a commission on these bookings.

Google Things to do solution does not process the bookings itself, but passes users along to the attractions’ official website. Users can easily compare ticket options for visiting their favourite attractions and click through to the operators’ website to complete the transaction.

How can Livn help me to be part of Google Things to do?

Via Livn’s integration with Google, we are the pipe that can get your inventory activated into Google environment and sending customers directly to your website.

Is Livn a reservation system like Fareharbor, Bokun, Rezdy and others?

No. Livn is a connectivity hub connecting Google to the world’s leading reservation systems so they do not have to create single integrations. We can activate your inventory into the Google Things to do program regardless of whether you are on a reservation system or not, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Is Livn an Online Travel Agency?

No. It means you do not pay us a commission, rather we are the pipe that can get your inventory activated into Google and send customers to your website where they are able to complete the booking directly with you.

What are the minimum requirements to list with Google Things to do?

When the customer clicks on the “Official Site” button, they are taken to your website. Your landing page information (product and price) should match what was displayed on Google. Livn works closely with you, and together we prepare the data you want to be presented on Google. Please note that these requirements may change in the future.

How many products can I list?

It is up to you. The only criteria are they must meet the minimum requirements set by Google.

What if I have timed entry and other complex booking options that Online Travel Agencies do not currently support?

This is not a challenge for us. Livn will ensure that we present the right lead in data on Google. We will send the user directly to your website booking page. The customer will then proceed through your booking flow controlled by you on your website.

Who takes the booking for a product?

You take the booking via your own website. This means that you collect payment directly from the customer (no waiting for money to be sent from Online Travel Agencies). Most importantly, you own all the data and “The Customer”.

Can an Online Travel Agency or other resellers claim the “Official Site” listing for my business?

No. Only the business owner can claim the “Official Site” button.

If I choose not to claim the “Official Site” button, will my products still be listed?

Yes. Your product listing will very likely come from the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) you work with. Your resellers OTAs will not be able to claim the “official site” label however, your products can be listed and booked through one of them. You will have little control over it, even though it may be your very own Google business listing.

Our advice is that you should claim this button to be on a level playing field with your other resellers. Otherwise, every booking via this channel will cost you a commission.

I heard that Google is still testing the Things to do program and that it is in a beta phase. Why do I need to worry about it now?

The program is in beta but you can still participate and be included in this test phase via Livn. It will mean you get a first-mover advantage over your competition. However, please be prepared for things to change as Google has indicated the program will evolve.

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