Jun 24, 2019 / Livn PR

Livn’s Benefits To Tour Operators

Andrew Denman is the GM of Marketing for Experience Co, a diversified adventure and experience company based in New South Wales, Australia. Experience Co serves 1.5 million customers per year.

Since joining the network, Andrew Denman has found that Livn’s solution allows scaling opportunities and new revenue streams as major benefits; “Livn have been able to provide us with a solution to connect to our broad range of retail networks and new channels that we never would have had traction with.” In addition to offering a gateway to new connections, Livn’s API supports existing commercial agreements between tour operators and resellers.

Denman also explains that Livn’s fully-automated API enables Experience Co. to “offer our products on one single platform, in real time.” This is a big improvement on manual processes that have prevented T&A providers, resellers, and customers from unlocking the full potential of online booking. The result, “last-minute, last seat availability”, allows bookings to be made close to departure and in-destination, entirely online. This presents a huge competitive advantage for tour operators and resellers.

Livn gives T&A operators full control of how their products are presented on the API. Using the Content Manager portal, they can check and edit information, and add images, itineraries, locations, and activity highlights. There’s also no danger of losing out on business due to price undercutting. Livn does not inflate or deflate prices; the price set by the operator is exactly what’s available to distribution partners. If prices rise or fall, the API will update automatically.

All of this adds up to a platform that companies like Experience Co love. Andrew Denman agrees, remarking that Livn’s API “is extraordinary for us. In a utopian world, that’s what we’ve always wanted, and Livn has brought that to us in a way that has been minimal in terms of our investment, time, and technology requirement.”

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