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How Travel Technology is Promoting Sustainability for Tours, Activities & Attractions

The dark side of tourism shows that travellers generate around 1.3 billion tons of waste each year, and there is no avoiding that travel has a significant impact on the environment. But the good news is that awareness of these issues has increased, with 61% of tourists now wanting to travel sustainably.

This is now an opportunity that the travel industry should capitalise on to capture customers and ensure a world worth travelling to. Tours, activities and attractions, in particular, can leverage various technologies and innovative digital solutions to promote sustainability by minimising its environmental impact and conserving natural resources. 

Leveraging travel technology to boost sustainability in the tours, activities and attractions sector

Various travel technology solutions are available for tours, activities and attractions providers to adopt as part of their sustainability strategies. Implementing a combination can have a huge impact, especially on customer experience.

Using digital maps and guides

Reports estimate that around 4 to 8 billion trees are cut yearly for paper. By going digital, tours, activities and attractions providers can significantly reduce the need for printed materials like forms, tickets, brochures, and maps. This can help reduce paper waste and save other resources spent on producing and recycling paper.

Digital maps, guides and apps can also provide additional revenue opportunities by allowing you to partner with other local businesses for advertising, commission referrals and discount codes for your travellers.

Optimising routes through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can be used to map the best possible routes for tours. This reduces emissions because of the shorter travel time and related fuel consumption. Optimised routes also allow providers to avoid highly congested areas, so less time and fuel is spent due to traffic.

Tourist safety and experience are also prioritised and improved here, ensuring areas that are accident-prone or with poor road conditions are avoided. 

Fuel with renewable energy

According to a report, switching to renewable energy will save the world as much as $12 trillion. Creating experiences using sustainable travel options like electric or hybrid vehicles, bicycles, or public transportation will result in monetary savings and contribute to a healthier environment in the tours, activities and attractions sector.

These options can also attract travellers who support sustainability, are willing to try new and unique experiences, and want greener travel.

Promoting Sustainability for Tours, Activities and Attractions With the Livn API

Our enhanced API can support sustainability efforts in the tours, activities and attractions vertical through:

Efficient online booking systems

By connecting buyers and sellers to operator’s systems, Livn streamlines the booking process, reducing time and resources for managing bookings.

For example, the ability to handle dynamic pricing and product variables reduces the need for manual forms, follow-ups and additional paperwork from operators as well as the environmental impact that comes with it.

Real-time availability

The API provides real-time availability of tickets, promoting sustainability in different ways. 

One is that it enables tours, activities and attractions operators to manage their resources more efficiently, ensuring resources such as energy, water, and supplies aren’t wasted on tours, activities and attractions that are not fully booked, thereby reducing carbon footprint. Also, avoiding empty or half-filled tours reduces emissions associated with transport to and from the attraction or activity.

Another way is that it reduces waiting time. This leads to better visitor experiences and reduces visitors' time waiting in line at an attraction or location. And when waiting time is short, visitors consume less food and impact the surrounding area less. 

Real-time availability can also prevent crowding. This makes the venue more comfortable for visitors, which can improve the visitor experience and promote more sustainable tourism practices.

Fewer intermediaries mean decreased use of resources

Partnering with Livn dramatically reduces the dependency on intermediaries. As a result, there is less time, energy, cost, and other resources spent on each booking. This can help optimise staffing requirements, reduce labour costs, and improve operational efficiency. Improvements and cost-savings can then be funnelled into other sustainability practices.

Ultimately, technology will greatly impact boosting sustainability efforts in the travel industry, not just in tours, activities and attractions. Digital booking systems, mobile apps, sustainable accommodations and other efforts optimise resource use, increase the use of renewable energy sources, reduce waste, promote sustainable transport, and more.

By leveraging technology, tours, activities and attractions can significantly impact creating a more sustainable travel experience and contribute to a greener future.

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