Dec 2, 2019 / Livn PR

Livn Appoints Its First Head of Customer Success, David Skinner

Livn is moving from being a product-based company to a service provider focused on customer success.

Livn CEO Mark Rizzuto explains, “Today, our partners expect Livn to provide them not just a product, but customer service and account management support worldwide. To make this a reality, we have had to transform our business and revamp the experience we deliver to our customers from end to end.”

With over 20 years of experience in professional services, 10 of which have been focused on the travel industry, David has worked for a diverse range of companies including Livn-integrated Traveltek, as well as Trailfinders, American Express, and MTV Europe.

Having been promoted internally from his former role as Product Planner, David has taken the opportunity to learn and identify pain points; then, drawing on his extensive professional experience and understanding of Livn’s customers, developed valuable solutions. David possesses a unique blend of internal process knowledge and insight into the external needs of clients. In his new role, he will be in a prime position to merge the two, ensuring Livn’s products both fit the market needs and bring success to their partners.

As the Head of Customer Success, David will be responsible for innovating customer and technical solutions and optimizing the onboarding of both tour operators and resellers. He will work closely with colleagues to raise Livn’s level of service to be more proactive and build solid relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

On his new appointment, David explained, “The Head of Customer Success is a unique role within the organisation. Essentially, I’m in charge of making our customers happy! It’s a role I look forward to undertaking. Throughout my career I’ve been responsible for client satisfaction, and I’m passionate about Livn’s product, reputation, and ethos. I can’t wait to get started!”

Rizzuto echoed David’s enthusiasm, adding “David has been an outstanding member of our team for more than a year, and he’s the perfect person for Head of Customer Success. He has the experience, skills, and intuition to enhance every client’s experience with our company. We’re looking forward to working with David in this exciting new role.”

In fact, all of the new things you’ll see at Livn are about elevating customer success.

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