Dec 18, 2018 / Livn PR

Livn CEO Discusses IQ & EQ Influences on Travel at Travel Tech Summit

The Travel Tech Summit has recently taken place in Sydney, between the 4th and 6th of December. The event brought together a highly exclusive guestlist of industry leaders, to discuss innovative strategies and emerging technologies in the sector. Organisers placed an emphasis on quality over quantity, and the calibre of delegates was impressive.

Speakers included Simon Dodd, General Manager at American Airlines; David Granville, Industry Manager at Google; Stewart Jones, Regional Director at; Jeff Lewis, Vice President of Technology at TripAdvisor; and Sam McDonagh, Country Manager at Airbnb.

This year’s Travel Tech Summit was focused on a range of critical issues within the industry, such as mobile support for travellers, virtual and augmented reality, fraud prevention technology, the future of travel distribution, and harnessing the current trend for a fusion of business and leisure travel – otherwise known as ‘bleisure’.

Mark Rizzuto, CEO of global tours and activities network Livn, focused on the value of personalisation for travel customers. His presentation was centered on the intersection between Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), and the unique requirements of different ‘travel personalities’ (such as leisure, business, solo, and family).

Rizzuto began by explaining the difference between IQ and EQ; namely, that each measure relates to distinct facets of the human psyche. He went on to explain the powerful EQ component of travel, by detailing the emotional link at each stage of the process.

Travel IQ and EQ alignment

This model provides insight to the travel industry for developing deeper customer engagement and accurate contextual interaction. Rizzuto pointed to machine learning and AI as providing opportunities for travel companies to maintain personalisation while they scale.

As well as his solo presentation on day 1 of the event, Rizzuto also participated in a panel, Exploring Uncharted Territory - What Will The Customer of Tomorrow Want? Joining him were Rhett Holt (Futurist at Allotz), James Hewlett (Head of Marketing at Collette), and Melissa Gruse (Senior Marketing Manager at Hamilton Island). 


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