Nov 15, 2018 / Livn PR

Livn Received 100% ‘Thumbs Up’ From The Panel at Phocuswright Los Angeles

The annual Phocuswright Conference, which welcomes figures from across the travel industry, is currently underway in Los Angeles.

Mark Rizzuto, CEO of Livn, has been speaking at the Launch event, which gives 14 established companies the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations to an audience of industry leaders.

During his presentation, Mark introduced the global rollout of Livn Direct. This version of the Livn API business model is optimised for travel companies that have existing relationships with tour operators, but are looking to take advantage of efficiencies that come from moving offline transactions online. Using Livn Direct, clients will have access to over 700,000 products from more than 15,000 suppliers.

Livn Direct simplifies the current infrastructure, which involves a great deal of manual inefficiency, into a secure and direct communications channel with nominated tour suppliers in real time. This translates into fully integrated itinerary and booking management that automatically syncs with existing travel agency in-house systems which can then display tour suppliers live pricing, live availability, geo-coding, and instant supplier’s voucher.

Livn says it offers a purely B2B solution; they in no way interfere with existing commercial arrangements between resellers and their preferred tour operator. Instead, Livn charges its resellers a small transaction fee for each booking that passes through the API.

This offers substantial savings – and enhanced profit opportunities – to Livn’s clients. Online tour resellers currently make an average net margin of 10%, while an offline reseller will earn between 13% and 18%. The Livn Direct model disrupts both the online intermediary and offline models, delivering travel reseller margins that are almost double that of any other market alternative (approximately 23%).

The Launch event concludes with a People’s Choice Award, in which the audience vote for their favourite of the 14 innovations presented. For Livn, it’s not necessarily about winning this award. The most important objective was to present Livn Direct to an engaged audience with a strong brand presence. And this is exactly what Mark has achieved.

Still, feedback is important, and receiving 100% ‘thumbs up’ from the panel – which only five other companies achieved.

Mark Rizzuto commented “Livn has been able to bring structure and definition into the market by making all relevant information available to the travel trade through one unified API, while greatly reducing integration costs.

Livn Direct places six years and $10m worth of real-time platform connectivity investment directly into our partner’s hands for you to transact and trade under your own terms, and with your preferred partners. No one else does this.

In a complex world, we are proud to be able to offer a sophisticated solution that can be delivered with simplicity.”


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