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Livn Founder & CCO, Steve Martinez, Interviews with Ausbiz on Pelikin Deal and Hyper-Focused Travel Experience

Speaking to Ausbiz’s Startup Daily show, Livn’s Founder & CCO Steve Martinez shares details of the exciting partnership with Pelikin and optimistic outlook for the future of travel. 

Partnership key to adding value for users 

Following the success of the deal between Livn and Flight Center, Pelikin has also seen the invaluable offering the Livn technology provides through automated connectivity between tour operators and travel resellers. 

Pelikin, a fintech company, which aims to make travelling the world more accessible to young Australians, is refocusing on their broader goal; to increase the value of offering within the travel vertical. Sam Brown, Pelikin’s CEO, explains: “Since launching in late 2019, we have doubled down on our broader goal… allowing us to offer best in class (travel) service providers to increase the value we offer users via our app and desktop solutions. Livn was the perfect candidate for that." 

Pelikin is a multi-currency banking product with its own Visa Travel Card which can be used in over 200 countries for Visa payments and withdrawing cash at an ATMs. 

Through Livn’s open connectivity hub, Pelikin is now synchronised to the booking platform of tour operators worldwide and is location-sensitive, bringing offers to users based on where they are located. 

Startup Daily hosts, Simon Thomsen and Samantha Brown, note the exposure to a greater customer base the deal will bring to Livn. Steve Martinez, Livn Founder & CCO, discuss from his perspective the benefits of the deal: “This is exciting for us because the user base of Pelikin is global, they’re sticky on the phone (mobile), we can provide users something to purchase, we can deliver these experiences based on location and where they are, so they are very relevant." Martinez also has high hopes to tap into a non-traditional audience, bringing exposure to a greater customer base. 

Big data, big opportunity 

The appeal for both Livn and Pelikin is to offer users a tailored experience through data analysis of transactions, understanding of spending habits and leveraging insights to provide hyper-local experiences in both domestic and international markets. 

Brown highlights that there is great value in being able to pair the data with how users interact with over 35,000 real-time experiences globally via Livn. Ultimately, this will be very useful and provide insight into the travel product appetite of Pelikin’s consumers. 

Martinez says that the trend of spontaneity, together with a mix of the current macro events (COVID19, travel restrictions, local travel) impact the booking patterns. But thanks to the technology integration between the two companies, Pelikin can respond immediately to capture demand as it is happening. Both Brown and Martinez share the same optimistic sentiment that they are ready to continue connecting users and experiences globally once international movement opens again.

Full Interview

 Ausbiz Startup Daily Interview January 2020, Startup Daily hosts: Editor Simon Thomsen and Co-Host Samantha Brown  


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