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Livn Gives Back

Focused on helping employees bond, and give back to our local communities, the Livn Social Committee has been in top form this month with two fantastic charity events. The social committee comes up with fun ideas in and out of the office that unites the team and shows that Livn is not just a workplace but a family coming together to reach common goals.

We want to share two of their recent successes and the incredible charitable organisations we supported.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

We are incredibly proud of the turnout and effort from the team for our ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ event on Wednesday, the 22nd of July, where we raised money for the Cancer Council.

It was a great day for a special cause that saw Livn staff around Sydney, Brisbane and Bangalore, India, getting together in our office to eat delicious treats baked by our resident Master Chef Sabereen. Not only did everyone enjoy the delights on offer, from sandwiches to biscuits and cakes, but the staff donated generously to support the Cancer Council! We even had a special appearance by Seo Joon the Moodle.

This event was a lead-up to our main mid-year catch-up on 23rd of June held at Our Big Kitchen this year which was also a roaring success.

Catch-up At Our Big Kitchen

Starting at Livn HQ with a formal address from Mark Rizzuto (Livn CEO), team members from Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales came together to the office with members around the world dialling in for our general catch-up. All staff received goody bags from the social committee with fun and quirky Livn ‘merch’ including hats, bags, socks and mugs, before being taken by the coach to ‘Our Big Kitchen’ in Bondi.

The organisation greeted staff to learn how it prepares and distributes over 250,000 meals, supporting 33+ charities and thousands of individuals in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Livn staff member Sabereen also shared her own personal journey with the organisation.

Staff got together in teams to prepare the kitchen food, with one team tackling soup ingredients like peeling and chopping vegetables while another prepped the cookies and bread rolls. It was amazing seeing the team come together and work hard preparing as much as possible for kitchen staff to cook and send out to charities, the homeless and volunteers around the city!

Thank you to the Livn Social Committee, who put together these fantastic events and put us to good use to help our local communities. Seeing our team members come together and achieve tremendous success was incredible.


To learn more about these two incredible organisations, or to donate, please visit:

Our Big Kitchen: https://www.obk.org.au/
Cancer Council: https://www.cancer.org.au/


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