Aug 5, 2021 / Livn PR

Livn Grows With Team of New Hires Ahead of Travel Rebound And Exciting Partnership Announcements

With the tours, activities and attractions sector set to make its comeback and Livn bringing on many more technical partnerships for its API product, the team has been expanding. 

It’s never been more important for travel companies to technologically transform than right now. The past two years have been a great accelerator for the adoption of technology as an imperative for cost-effective operations and new ways to engage and capture customers as they regain the confidence to travel again. 

In true post-pandemic style this has meant our adding remote and work from home roles as well as a diverse selection of new hires from around the world including the USA, India, Russia, UK, and other areas of Australia. 

This gives both the team and Livn more flexibility to meet the needs of current partners and new exciting deals the company landed early this year, including being a preferred integration partner for Google Things to do

In spite of the current restrictions at the Australian-based (Sydney) office, Livn welcomed 11 new team members with a virtual session on Tuesday 3 August, including new recruits; 

Some interesting facts about the team members were revealed as they shared some of their personal habits and funny stories. One confessing that they has acted in a few movies, another having a full back tattoo, with the winner being the one who was chatting with their surgeon while having their brain operated on! 

9 out of the 11 positions that have been filled are part of the development team to support and develop its API technologies as Livn onboards several large partnerships that are due to be announced in the coming months. 

CEO Mark Rizzuto spoke on the growth of the team, 

“With tours, activities and attractions set to rebound, particularly as restrictions lift with vaccination roll-outs, now is the perfect time for Livn to be laying the foundations of our infrastructure. Welcoming so many new hires to the Livn family and seeing our growth makes us feel prepared and ready to take on the next chapter post-COVID.” 


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