Dec 13, 2020 / Livn PR

Livn Takes Up New Residences with a Focus on Creating an Innovative & Flexible Work Culture

Livn has a new home in Surry Hills which promises to provide their team with an environment that delivers on its commitment to innovation, personal safety and fun. 

Only a short distance away from their old office but leaping and bounding into the future with a re-energised focus on providing a best in class flexible culture and a “home away from home”. The three-level terrace building delivers on Livn’s promise to provide its team with a space where they can bring their best selves to work, when they choose to physically come to the office. 

With an abundance of natural light, an exclusive courtyard and modern interior design, the new Livn office will feel inviting for all team members. Complete with chillout areas, fun spaces and a high-tech kitchen, staff can connect or choose to take a breather whenever they need. 

Mark Rizzuto, CEO of Livn, talks about the move to new offices and working arrangements amidst the crisis, stating that: 

We are now living in a part of history, which will be noted for being the greatest life-changing accelerant since World War II. The current uncertain times are not meant to make businesses stand still. It’s a perfect opportunity to adjust business operations.

Rizzuto explains, "Livn must acknowledge these conditions and adapt accordingly, or risk being caught up in having the rug pulled from under our own feet... To do nothing, or to stay the same, waiting and praying for a better economic environment is fraught with danger."

"Operating and environmental conditions aside, the ‘Work From Home’ evolution is now a firm part of our corporate fabric, but it comes with the risk of loss to company culture and meaningful human interactions. Companies will need to create cultural anchors and safety nets or risk erosion to their existing culture, and equally concerning, offer no identifiable culture to new employees coming on board.”    

According to the latest results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the impact of COVID-19 is extensive, with 35% of Australian businesses expecting severe difficulties in meeting their financial commitments. For the hospitality sector, 71% of businesses in the sector expect to have difficulties.

The economic environment will not change on its own; it is the businesses who need to lead the change, and the new office space for Livn is just one step in that direction.  The space of the old offices was not aligned with staff preferences towards more flexible working arrangements. Realising the direction from the team for more flexible schedules via internal surveys, Livn decided the office footprint will remain reduced even after the current COVID uncertainties dissipate. 

This response also comes after reviewing trends on overall attitudes towards work from home preferences. The Roy Morgan research from June 2020 shows that over one-third of Australians have been working from home, and the Transport Opinion Survey revealed that 75% of Australians want to have the option to work from home permanently.

The future of work-life balance is changing globally, shifting towards a lifestyle with both staff and consumers in mind and the changing attitudes in the way they travel, shop, and choose to work. Livn’s move to a new home represents the willingness to listen and understand the industry they operate in at a deeper level.

It is also why they will be officially transitioning to provide more flexible working arrangements, ensuring staff achieve a better work-life balance by lowering required weekly working hours, eliminating commute times and in turn, lowering expenses.

The new office footprint provides the brand agility to face the times ahead: an office that ensures both staff and visitor satisfaction and safety, as well as one where the quality and confidence partners have in the brand’s products and services are reflected in their office and their people.


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