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Steve Martinez introduces Google ‘Things to do’ at Arabian Travel Market

 Livn was proud to exhibit at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai this year. Steve Martinez (Livn Founder & CCO) provided an insightful presentation entitled “Google ‘Things to do’ and What it Means to You”.  

After, Steve was joined by Douglas Quinby (Co-Founder & CEO of Arival), for a Q&A to answer some of the most burning questions surrounding the program and the results coming in for this new program. Here is how it went: 

Q: Are you seeing Google ‘Things to do’ generate meaningful volumes for your clients?

A: We have been working with attractions since July 2021, and despite borders and airlines opening and closing, the volume is promising. Some of the larger attractions are seeing 2000-3000 per month. Tours and activities only launched a month and a half ago, so we have not collected much data yet. But we have around 200 operators that we are tracking. 

Q: Operators are still showing alongside other OTAs in their listings. Even with the official site button. Do attractions and individual operators stand a chance to compete?

A: Time will tell; it is early days, but some exciting things will likely happen. The attraction operator can see what resellers are selling their tickets for the first time. Current price parity agreements with OTAs are one-sided, so I think we will see a shift with clauses catering to ‘Things to do’.   

Q: There has been some chaos on how ticket pricing is displayed, for example, showing $2.00 up to $800.00 and bundling different products together. Will this change?

A: Yes, Google has been much more aggressive with pulling products that do not meet their policies, and we have seen that over the last three weeks. They are specifically checking landing pages and pricing that includes all taxes. They are delisting products that do not belong in a particular module. Now we have a home for attractions and experiences, and they are starting to police for compliance. And the same process will likely happen for tour and activities operators. 

Thank you to Arabian Travel Market and Douglas Quinby for allowing Steve to share Google’s ‘Things to do’ to your guests. 

Learn more at Livn’s new Google ‘Things to Do’ dedicated website: go.livn.world


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