Mar 30, 2021 / Livn PR

Technology Empowering Customer Desire for Safe and Seamless Travel Experience

Goki and Livn have been working together for over four years and their combined solution bring together a great example of the future of contactless and smart travel experiences. 

With travel operators having to adapt in the wake of COVID-19, Goki, a contactless guest management provider in the hostel sector has partnered with travel-tech innovator Livn to ensure booking transparency and increased engagement and availability for its customers. 

Goki, a contactless guest management provider, has been servicing the hostel sector for many years with their smart locking capabilities which have increased in demand during the pandemic, particularly as their hardware is injected with an additive to prevent germs living on the surface. Goki’s contactless guest management is paired with the traveller-facing app that turns guest’s phones into their SmartKey for the duration of their stay, whilst also providing contactless self check-in and notifications once the room is ready. Guests can fill in registration details, verify their ID, and pay their balance without the need for a reception desk, streamlining the process for hostels and travellers alike. 

Jack Bowcott, the co-founder and CEO of Goki, says the partnership with Livn had been on the table since starting conversations four years ago, but recent events had sped up the need for Goki to optimise its automation capabilities and finalise the deal. 

As more hostels join the Goki network, the partnership with Livn will strengthen their concept with guests being able to check-in and book experiences via the app. 

With the Goki Dashboard, hostel staff are also able to message guests and send notifications of available tours & activities. Guests can request a booking extension and ask any questions via the app that will be visible in the dashboard immediately. This has allowed hostels to not only reduce operational costs but also improve the customer experience with an increased focus on guest services from staff. 

With location services enabled, the app also serves users with locally relevant content and experiences with the ability to book in real-time, thus assisting a higher success rate for tour providers. 

Speaking on the partnership, Jack Bowcott says; 

“Surfacing unique experiences in the app is an essential component in making sure Goki guests are getting the most out of their trip. Over 90% of guests are choosing to download Goki and use their phone as their key during their stay so it's a no brainer to give them access to 'experience more' in-destination. The partnership with Livn achieves exactly that, and we are delighted to be moving into new regions as we expand our solution to a wider audience of hostels.” 

Livn’s API and automation capabilities enable Goki to host global content and live booking availability, providing travellers with a host of additional functionalities and engagement tools within the Goki app. 

They are able to book in-house experiences like social gatherings or a spot at the bar - an important development as 86% of guests typically attend at least one of these types of activities, greatly improving the hostel’s online rating. 

The entire process is also completely contactless, 99.9% germ-free, and zero upfront cost, which allows Goki to assist hostel providers to adapt to the changing times. 

Livn founder, Steve Martinez, adds; 

“Hostels aren’t a new phenomenon and have been around since the 1900’s. What has evolved is the explosion in funky architectural design in the physical world. Now we are seeing technology catch up stitching everything together. In times where exceptional experiences and a focus on safety are a priority, the Goki system enables safe transactions and interactions for both guests and hostel staff. We’re proud to be partners with such an inventive product solution.” 


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