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The Technology Revolution In A New Era Of Travel

Tech tourism, where to from here…

Technology has come a long way since the digital revolution made its mark in the travel industry. We have become accustomed to booking at the click of a finger, learning of a new destination or experience from a shared post. While this has not changed throughout the pandemic, the evident change is the technology behind the scenes that enhances the online journey. With significant tech trends responding with agility to unpredictable and varying circumstances globally, we share the top tech travel trends for the year ahead.

What role does technology play? 

As a direct result of uncertainty, customers are booking trips at short notice and leaving flexibility for what is available once arriving at a destination. Traditionally, with longer planning times, a travel agent could assist, now with more spontaneous travel and locally-driven tourism, visitor centres with online booking facilities have regained relevance. 

Visitors Centres across Australia and New Zealand reported a yearly (2020 vs. 2021) increase of +158% in bookings made via local centres. 

Through technology like API, real-time information can be fed and adapted across platforms, essentially empowering travel companies and visitor centres to have concise, streamlined information at their fingertips. With any official government announcement or vaccine update, consumers act, with operators seeing spikes in search and bookings. The travel industry often has a reactive response to health requirements, physical limitations, and business operation methods. 

A new era of tech tourism 

Realistically, there is now a new way of traveling, and we share some innovative examples of what we can expect to see more of:  

Where to from here… 

Technology should improve exposure, encourage communication, support omnichannel marketing and lower operational costs. It empowers companies to achieve what they set out to do and allows them to be creative while maintaining a high level of productivity.

For many more travel companies, the concept of modernising internal operations via digital technologies and mobile solutions was important but not a near-term imperative. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that there is no better moment than now to incorporate new technology in every aspect of their business - from having a user-friendly website, active social media to online bookings and distribution.

As restrictions ease and consumers adapt to change, the benefit of technological advancements to the future of tourism will enhance experiences and process efficiencies. Travel companies taking the needed steps now will be the ones to prevail and be part of the new era of travel.


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