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Travello & Livn Partnership Brings Unique Travel Rewards Program For Users

Travello, the social networking app that connects travellers from all corners of the globe, has launched its Rewards Program - incentivising users to discover, interact and purchase travel experiences within the app.

This new feature rewards travellers not just for the transactions they make, but for their contributions and social interactions inside the app. Furthermore, the points system is transparent, with every 100 points equating to US$1, meaning users will understand the true value of their points in real-time. Users can simply use their points to reduce the cost of travel experiences when they make their transaction.

Travellers can earn reward points by setting up a profile, making posts, by the number of likes a post receives, the number of followers acquired and transactions made through the app. Essentially, the more you travel, discover and share in the Travello app, the more you will be rewarded – making the things you love doing more accessible.

Co-Founder Ryan Hanly explains, “Travello has grown to be one of the largest travel communities in the world. We’ve done this by keeping laser focused on our purpose – to create a trusted and connected global community of travellers.”

Thanks to the company’s partnership with Livn, which started in 2018, Travello users can explore over 35,000 tours and activities, and book them directly from the app – prior to arrival and while in destination.

By connecting travellers with tour operators, the Livn API also offers live pricing, availability, bookings, and confirmation. Its infrastructure allows resellers and travellers to access truly last-minute availability.

A recent study by Google Trips revealed that 85% of travellers wait until they are in-destination to purchase experiences and 60% said authentic peer to peer user generated content was the most influential on their travel decision making.

Hanly continues “Travello is used through all stages of the travel journey and we’re now taking that relationship with our users a step further by rewarding them for their contributions to the community and their purchasing behaviours. We can also leverage the power of peer to peer recommendations and authentic user generated content to inspire in-destination experiences”

Reflecting on the launch of Travello Rewards, Livn Founder and CCO Steve Martinez said, “In terms of mobile app partners that are using the Livn tech, Travello is by far the sexiest integration of the Livn API I’ve seen.”

“The key to successful apps is that they have to be sticky in terms of engagement with its users and Travello have achieved this by rewarding users for activity within the app. I’ve downloaded it and have already started earning Rewards points!” he added.

In celebration of the rewards program launch, Travello is gifting every new member with 500 Travello Rewards Points, with a further 500 points awarded for new users who refer friends who sign up.

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