Dec 19, 2019 / Livn PR

Walking With Giants - Team Livn Celebrates Christmas 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, team Livn took the opportunity to get outside and celebrate another stellar twelve months. We set ourselves a high bar last year with our focus on retro digital games. This year we decided to go offline and relive the classics we enjoyed as kids (and still now as big kids) with a bit of a twist! 

Giant games were on the agenda and we chose Centennial Park in Sydney as the destination for a little healthy competition and plenty of laughs. Splitting into four teams – red, yellow, blue, and green – we wore Livn colour-coded hats to strengthen team spirit and keep the sun out of our eyes. 

Giant Jenga and Connect 4 were especially popular with our competing teams. Each person brought unique skills to the games, as well as a pinch of luck. Regular-sized Jenga is tense enough, but scale up the pieces and each move takes on an extra level of anticipation. Similarly, the glory stakes were high in Giant Connect 4. We’re not sure if careful strategy or luck played a bigger part in winning moves, but everyone had a great time reliving their youth. In the great Christmas tradition, we later moved on to some well-earned drinks, delicious food, and plenty of festive cheer. 

Overall, it was an excellent way to celebrate the fantastic year we’ve had with Livn. We’ve established, nurtured, and grown our partnerships all around the world, creating an even better experience for our clients and setting our company on an exciting course for the future. That’s all down to the hard work, innovation, and commitment of our brilliant team. 

The challenge we face now – and it’s a lovely problem to have – is setting the bar so high every year! 2020, we can’t wait to rise to the occasion... 

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