Livn’s unique technologies connect with numerous,
well-established distribution partners, including online travel
agencies (OTAs), travel wholesalers, mobile apps, global
distribution systems (GDS) and retail travel agents.



Livn has a dedicated team to assist tour operators in the onboarding process. 

We encourage you to email our Onboarding Team to discuss how you can become one of our valued partners.  


Livn is connected to a variety of well-known and widely used reservations systems. If you are currently using one of them, your onboarding process will be substantially quicker. 


What is Livn's role in connectivity?

Livn connects tour operator’s reservation systems to travel resellers/distribution partners via a unified API. Our technology allows you to expand your product distribution reach to a diverse online audience, as well as to cut operational costs by increasing automated bookings directly into your reservation system - no need for phone or email to confirm bookings.

How can we work with Livn? 

Livn only works with tour operators using a reservation system. We strongly believe that your reservation system is the ultimate source of truth in terms of pricing and availability with the ability to accept automated bookings. If you would like to confirm if your reservation system is already connected to us, please email:

Where are our products seen? 

Livn distributes your products through our resellers/distribution partners, including online travel agencies (OTAs), mobile apps, global distribution systems (GDS) and retail travel agents. Here are a few of them: Flight Centre Travel Group, Travello, Gifting Owl, Bookeasy, Pelikin, and many more. 

Is there a fee to be listed with Livn? 

No. If we are buying product directly from you Livn only charges you the agreed wholesale fee commission when we sell your products. There are no upfront or recurrent fees for tour operators. 

How do we get paid? 

For those suppliers based in Australia or have bank accounts in Australia, Livn pays upon receipt of an invoice directly to your nominated bank account. 

For suppliers that are not based in Australia or have no Australian bank account, Livn pays upon receipt of an invoice at which point Livn will then issue a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) that is preloaded with the Nett amount owed in the currency billed.

Are we able to load images & descriptions ourselves? 

No. Our Content Team sources images and information from your reservation system or website. If there is any information we could not find on your online properties, we will request it directly from you. You are also welcome to proactively provide us with any image or information you would like us to include in your listing.

How long does it take for our tours to be loaded and made available for sale?

Livn’s team of content curation experts will make sure that all of your product information meets our strict content standards. Depending on the amount of products you have available, the time will vary. We will be able to give you a launch time frame once your contract is finalised.

What happens if I change reservations systems? 

Livn needs to be advised so that we can support your product migration. Please keep in mind that we are only able to continue to sell your products if you change to a reservation system that is currently supported by Livn. If you would like to receive a list of the reservation systems that are currently supported by Livn, please email:

Still have questions?

If you could not find an answer to your question, please send us an email at