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Distributors and Resellers of T&A

What is Livn's role in connectivity?

Livn connects resellers and distributors to a global network of tour operators in real time. The Livn API is connected directly to the tour operators’ reservation system, providing you direct access to live availability, pricing and instant booking confirmation. Our technology enables you to automate your business, eliminates the need for any manual intervention and allows you to transact right up until time of departure. The Livn API is currently connected to over 20+ global tour operator reservation systems and growing.   

What is the difference between Livn Wholesale and Direct Connect models?

  • The Livn Wholesale API is designed for businesses who do not have existing relationships with tour operators. It enables our partners to sell products from Livn’s fully managed wholesale global catalogue, all with centralised rates and pre-negotiated commission rates. Livn manages the entire tour operator relationship and payments, allowing you to scale your offerings globally and at speed.
  • The Livn Direct Connect API is ideal for travel companies who have existing relationships with tour operators. It allows you to connect directly with your preferred tour operator, using your own negotiated pricing, commercials, and payment terms. You will earn a commission directly from that tour operator and pay them directly under the terms you have negotiated with them. Under this model, you use our technical infrastructure to connect to your preferred tour operators without having to build, maintain and coordinate multiple API integrations.  

A particularly popular solution with our partners is to combine both of the above models, tapping into Livn Wholesale extensive wholesale catalogue while moving high-volume products and previously contracted tour operators onto a Direct Connect model. You can run both models simultaneously with the single integration of the Livn API.

How long does it take to integrate the Livn API?

The Livn API generally takes around 3-6 weeks to implement.

  1. After a commercial agreement has been reached between you and Livn, our team will set up a dedicated development environment tailored to your specific business requirements. 
  2. When you have completed your implementation, Livn will perform a set of independent tests to ensure that the integration is performing optimally for your specific requirements.
  3. Once you and our team are confident that the connection is running optimally, you will receive a set of production credentials to the live production API endpoint.

To find out more information and to familiarise yourself with the Livn API, visit our Developers Page for Resellers. There you can also sign up for instant access to our developer sandbox which is 100% replica of our production environment.

Do you offer affiliate or whitelable style partnerships?

Livn is purely B2B and does not offer a consumer facing platform. We work closely with one of our trusted partners by powering their products and content. Please let us know if you are interested in this style of partnership so that we can facilitate an introduction.

Are your rates net or retail?

Via the Wholesale model, you will be able to retrieve both net and retail rates. The Livn API will return 3 values for every product query ; {retailRate} , {retailCommissionAmount} , {retailNetRate}. It will be up to you as to which value you want to use and how you wish to merchandise the offering.

The rate that you will receive via the Livn Direct Connect model, will be the published price that comes from the tour operator’s reservation system in the raw currency which that tour operator has loaded, usually known as the retail rate. The reason for this is that when we connect you directly to the tour operator that you have negotiated your own agreements with, we do not see the net rate as this is between you and the tour operator. We simply pass on the data that we receive from their system which is almost always the published price. We do not interfere with the published price or any currency conversion.

Are your rates commissionable?

Yes. We offer a compelling variable commission fee on the published retail rate via our Wholesale model. For Direct Connect however, this is something that you will negotiate directly with your preferred end tour operator.

How do payments work and how do tour operator’s get paid?

Livn is not involved in and does not facilitate the consumer end payment. You are responsible for collecting full payment from your customers and will pay Livn or the Direct Connect tour operator accordingly depending on the model you choose.

Under the Livn Wholesale model, Livn manages all tour operator relationships and payments for you. Livn simply bills you the net amount owing for each booking.

For Livn Direct Connect, you own the relationship with the tour operator and will pay them accordingly under the payment terms you have negotiated with them. Livn simply bills you a transaction fee per booking, invoiced to you outside of the platform on an agreed invoicing cycle.

What information is provided after the booking has been made?

After the booking has been confirmed you will be able to retrieve your customers vouchers/tickets via the API instantly. These vouchers/tickets will include tour operator contact details, pick-up/start details, barcode or QR code if provided by the tour operator and any other important information that the customer may need. 

Will my customer need travel documents to travel?

Yes, it is important that you provide the customer with the appropriate travel documents that are made available via the API after the booking has been made. In most cases the customer will need to present this voucher to the tour operator to redeem their tour/activity/attraction.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary per tour operator. Whether a cancellation generates a full or partial refund is subject to the terms of the tour operator / product. Some tour operator’s offer 100% money back cancellation policies up to a certain time prior to departure, and others do not, and may only offer partial refunds.

All cancellation policies and any associated fees will be provided in a machine-readable format via the Livn API. Cancellations can be automated and performed over the Livn API.

How do I make changes to a booking?

Currently it is not possible to make changes or amendments to a booking via the API. If a booking requires an update such as a date change, you will need to process a cancellation through the API and re-book.

Typically however, updates to a booking are best performed by the customer contacting the tour operator directly, outside of the system. The customer will be able to find the tour operator contact details on the voucher that is provided to them at time of booking.

Who is responsible for customer support?

All customer support related enquiries are handled directly between you and your Customer.

Regardless of the model you choose, the contact details of the tour operator performing the service will be provided to you at the time of booking and on the customers vouchers/tickets. The customer can contact the tour operator directly at any time if they have any questions.

If you have made the booking via our Wholesale model and need assistance with a booking, Livn will endeavour to resolve the issue with the end tour operator on behalf of you and the customer.

If you have made the booking via the Direct Connect model however, all customer support related issues are handled directly between you and your chosen end tour operator.

Tour Operators

What is Livn's role in connectivity?

Livn connects tour operator’s reservation systems to travel resellers/distribution partners via a unified API. Our technology allows you to expand your product distribution reach to a diverse online audience, as well as to cut operational costs by increasing automated bookings directly into your reservation system - no need for phone or email to confirm bookings.

How can we work with Livn? 

Livn only works with tour operators using a reservation system. We strongly believe that your reservation system is the ultimate source of truth in terms of pricing and availability with the ability to accept automated bookings. If you would like to confirm if your reservation system is already connected to us, please email:

Where are our products seen? 

Livn distributes your products through our resellers/distribution partners, including online travel agencies (OTAs), mobile apps, global distribution systems (GDS) and retail travel agents. Here are a few of them: Flight Centre Travel Group, Travello, Gifting Owl, Bookeasy, Pelikin, and many more. 

Is there a fee to be listed with Livn? 

No. If we are buying product directly from you Livn only charges you the agreed wholesale fee commission when we sell your products. There are no upfront or recurrent fees for tour operators. 

How do we get paid? 

For those suppliers based in Australia or have bank accounts in Australia, Livn pays upon receipt of an invoice directly to your nominated bank account. 

For suppliers that are not based in Australia or have no Australian bank account, Livn pays upon receipt of an invoice at which point Livn will then issue a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) that is preloaded with the Nett amount owed in the currency billed.

Are we able to load images & descriptions ourselves? 

No. Our Content Team sources images and information from your reservation system or website. If there is any information we could not find on your online properties, we will request it directly from you. You are also welcome to proactively provide us with any image or information you would like us to include in your listing.

How long does it take for our tours to be loaded and made available for sale?

Livn’s team of content curation experts will make sure that all of your product information meets our strict content standards. Depending on the amount of products you have available, the time will vary. We will be able to give you a launch time frame once your contract is finalised.

What happens if I change reservations systems? 

Livn needs to be advised so that we can support your product migration. Please keep in mind that we are only able to continue to sell your products if you change to a reservation system that is currently supported by Livn. If you would like to receive a list of the reservation systems that are currently supported by Livn, please email:

Travel Agents

What makes the Livn Portal better than other websites for Travel Agents? 

  • We offer up to 12% commission on every booking you make - one of the highest in the industry. 
  • Our technology is integrated directly into tour operators' reservation system what allows you to check availability and rates in real-time.
  • Once you make a booking, you will get instant confirmation and e-voucher.
  • Our Portal is exclusive to Travel Agents which gives you a competitive edge over normal consumer facing websites, as our unique product offerings can only be accessed by registered agents. 

Is it free to set up an account, and are there any monthly fees? 

There are no fees for you to register and use our portal. 

How do I set up an account?

Click here to register for free. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an email from Livn with instructions on how to set up your account.

What type of products do you offer? 

We offer you instant access to more than 35,000 day and multi-day global products including: hop-on hop-off bus, airport lounges, cultural experiences, guided tours, Air/Land/Sea sightseeing, must-see attractions and bucket list activities. 

How do I make payment?

Payments are made at time of booking. To discuss payment methods for your agency, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

Can we have a single store login?

No. We register each travel agent individually to manage and support those bookings. 

I am logged in your platform. How do I find a specific tour operator? 

Click the 'menu' button on the top left, and on the drop-down list go to 'Search & Book Now'. You can then search 'by operator' if there is a specific tour operator you are looking for.    

I am logged in your platform. How do I find what tours and activities you have for a specific destination?

Click the 'menu' button on the top left, and on the drop-down list go to 'Search & Book Now'. You can then search 'by destination' if there is a specific area you are looking for.    

Can I hold a booking without payment?

All our products are instant purchase and require payment for confirmation.

Reservation Systems

What is Livn's role in connectivity?

Livn is first and foremost a travel technology company. Our expertise and key business are built around the connections and integrations to an ever-growing number of reservation systems in the tours, activities & attractions space into a unified, flexible and feature-rich API. 

Does Livn connect to my reservation system API?

Yes. We have a clear process at the beginning of integration to gauge how far the existing functionality of your API meets the requirements for a speedy implementation and productive, low-maintenance business partnership.

Can a reservation system connect to Livn’s platform instead?

No. Livn will connect to your API. We believe that any extra engineering effort required on your side is best focused on your own platform and improving your API functionality.

How does Livn determine which systems it connects to?

Livn’s integration roadmap and priority weighting to reservation systems are determined by some of the following factors:

  • Our distribution clients priority which is generally determined by wanting to connect to their most important tour operators/inventory first. This is very heavily weighted in our pipeline in terms of priority.
  • A particular requirement for Livn’s Open Connectivity Hub strategy. 
  • The level at which your functionality meets Livn’s requirements for implementation.

What process should I expect once I am slated for connectivity?

  1. We will send you our API connectivity questionnaire, which your engineering team will need to submit. 
  2. The Livn engineering team will review the submission.
  3. The Livn engineering team will engage you for a further discovery kick off meeting.
  4. Obstacles or roadblocks will need to be addressed before we are able to implement a connector.
  5. You will be advised of an approximate integration start date.
  6. Depending on the complexity of the integration the timelines until completion may vary between 4 – 6 weeks.
  7. Livn will complete the certification process that is required by you.

My operators keep asking me when Livn will integrate my Reservation System. What should I reply?

Please get in contact with us to discuss our connectivity roadmap at

What value is there in Livn connecting to me?

We hope to bring real value to our resellers/distribution partners by shouldering the arduous work of integrating and maintaining connectivity with many different individual reservation systems to gain access to their combined inventories. In turn, we can expose reservation systems and tour operators to these companies for whom it would not be viable to deal with reservation systems individually and can, for the largest part, shield them from technical issues that inevitably arise along the way.

What is Livn’s business model?

Livn operates under two fundamentally different models playing a different role in each: 

  • Livn API Direct: Livn works as a technology provider to travel resellers/distributors who have their own direct commercial agreements (commision rates, payment method, etc) with tour operators using a particular res system. In this model, all booking-related communication, and where necessary a degree of caching, is done using the resellers/distributors own API credentials.

  • Livn API Wholesale: Livn operates its own wholesale brand called Livn Holidays. In this model, we act as an agent to those suppliers/operators on the reservation system whom we have contracted, on-selling their products to those of our distribution partners who do not have the capacity or wish to maintain direct business relationships with a large number of individual suppliers.

A particularly popular solution with our clients is to combine both of the above, tapping into Livn Holidays extensive wholesale catalogue while moving high-volume products and previously contracted tour operators onto a Direct Connect model.

Does Livn charge any fees to Reservation Systems?

No. Livn does not charge any fees to integrate to your API or connect you to our distributors/resellers partners. 

Does Livn charge tour operators any fees in the API Direct model?


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