Developer Manual

Familiarise yourself with the API documentation, which contains all details about the service's functionality, data model, recommended listing and checkout flows and limitations. 

There you can sign up on your own for access to our sandbox environment in which you can interact with our API and make some basic calls against our demo data set. 

Please note that our sandbox environment is offered "as-is" and we do not offer support for evaluation users trialling our API.

Become a Livn Customer

Once you and your commercial colleagues are ready to build an integration with the Livn API, please contact Livn commercial team to put in place a contract between Livn and you. Once this contract is in place, our team will set up a development environment for you tailored to your specific business requirements

Examples of specific business requirements include your choice of currency, booking fees, credit terms, and whether you intend to transact with suppliers under a straightforward wholesale reseller model, or a “direct connect” model more suited to with large volume distributors with existing agreements with product suppliers.

Start Coding

We recommend utilising the published WADL + XSD or Swagger specification documents to quickly generate an API client in your application's native or preferred programming language.

Establish the connectivity between your project and the Livn API by making calls on the development endpoint, giving you a sandbox environment to retrieve inventory data for a wide range of products and make test bookings and cancellations without incurring any cost.

Get Certified

When you have completed your implementation, Livn will perform a set of independent tests to ensure that the integration is performing optimally for your specific requirements without causing excessive load on the shared systems and to identify points that might be improved.

Progress to Production

Once you and our team are confident that the connection is running optimally, you will receive a set of production credentials to the live API endpoint. Both the development and production environments operate on the same codebase and the transition to go live should require no more than a simple reconfiguration of the accessed API endpoint base URL.

If at any stage of this development process you have questions or hit a roadblock you can count on our dedicated technical API support.