Apr 1, 2021 / Livn PR

Livn and Tix Partner to Bring Musicals, Theatre & Concerts to Travel Distributors

Last night, to celebrate the recent partnership between Livn and TIX, the companies hosted over 80 guests including media, travel industry partners and travel agents to watch Disney’s Frozen the Musical at Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

Livn, the company behind the highly successful and only Open Connectivity Hub for Travel & Activity (T&A) businesses, is joining forces long-term with strong business-to-consumer (B2C) player TIX to offer musical and theatre content to T&A resellers. As the first product, Frozen the Musical is now available to Livn distribution partners, TIX, travel agents, and the travel industry!

As a well-established B2C channel in the industry, TIX has been making live events more accessible to its consumers through its website and mobile app. They are now enhancing their reach by partnering with Livn which will allow them to bring their content to the business-to-business (B2B) travel retail chains including bricks and mortar and online travel agencies.

TIX CEO, Sheila Moloney, says, 

“The Frozen product launch is just the beginning of a promising partnership between two technology companies, Livn and TIX, getting together to expand and grow the live entertainment reach and traction.

Over the past 10 years we have grown and established our customers and we are excited to offer our technology and product offering to a new audience.” 

Livn continues to expand their tour operators’ network on a daily basis. TIX marks their first partnership in the musical, theatre, and concert space, enhancing their extensive portfolio of experiences which already included day tours, authentic experiences, must see attractions and bucket list activities. Through a single integration with the Livn API, partners can automatically connect to global experiences from all over the world.   

Mark Rizzuto, Livn CEO matched this sentiment by saying, 

“We are extremely excited to be working with the TIX team, and to assist them to reach out to a new audience, the travel distributors. We are equally excited that this partnership will allow our partners to gain access to musical, concert and theatre content. Livn acts solely as a technology enabler between the parties.”

Livn’s platform gives business partners like TIX a distribution solution by connecting them with the best tour operators and players in the global T&A space and allows businesses to gain efficiency and bring in additional revenue. And since this is the first time musical and theatre content is being made available, it has generated a lot of excitement for TIX, Livn, and the T&A distributors they serve.


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