May 9, 2019 / Livn PR

Livn Announces Partnership with Gifting Owl

Livn has announced a new partnership with experience gifting and booking platform Gifting Owl. 

Providing real-time live calendar information directly from tour operators’ reservation systems, Gifting Owl allows customers to browse activities and purchase gift vouchers with instant confirmation, eliminating uncertainty over true availability. The simple process really ups the user experience for gifting and booking options out there.

What’s even more exciting is the global platform in over 103 countries Gifting Owl can bring to the  partnership. It facilitates a wide spectrum of experiences to gift others, including extreme sports, racecar driving, shark diving, sightseeing tours, spa days and art classes.

Customers are able to make purchases from anywhere in the world and send confirmation straight to the recipient by email, even if they are on a separate continent. Recipients are also able to change their mind without difficulty, as activity swaps are offered free of charge.

Regarding the new partnership, Gifting Owl Co-Founder Jackie Babbage said, “The current market is heavily fragmented with so many reservation systems, and going to one solution like Livn means that we don’t have to integrate or contract with multiple tour operators to offer a global pool of products to our customers.”

Livn’s Founder and CCO, Steve Martinez echoed the sentiment, saying, “We’re ecstatic to welcome Gifting Owl to the Livn family. We share a focus on the provision of real-time inventories, helping customers to access truly live bookings, and we can’t wait for Livn to enable Gifting Owl further in the exciting world of experience gifts.”

“At Gifting Owl we are committed to creating a more connected and generous world. This partnership further enhances our global reach and allows us to offer even more options to our customers,” added Babbage.


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