Dec 6, 2018 / Livn PR

Livn Expands Global Reach By Adding Three New Reservation Systems to Its API

Livn has announced the integration of three additional reservation systems into its Application Programming Interface (API). This development further expands Livn’s reach, giving clients better access to a diverse range of T&A suppliers.

According to Livn, the addition of three new reservation systems is "an exciting development for our API. We’re continuously growing our network, and the more reservation systems we’re connected to, the easier it is for us to offer a seamless integration between our partners and their chosen Tour & Activities suppliers".

The three new reservation systems integrated into Livn API are Rayna Tours, Regiondo, and PrioTicket. Rayna Tours has a focus on the United Arab Emirates market, enabling access to a range of exciting experiences such as desert safaris, supercar city tours, and visits to the tallest skyscraper in the world, the exquisite Burj Khalifa.

“By connecting our products to the dynamic API of Livn, we are looking to expand our product reach and distribution. This partnership will add strong content in Livn inventory and at the same time distribute Rayna’s products to a larger audience through Livn’s massive network”, said Rayna Destination Management Director Sales & Marketing, Deepak Hiranandani.

German reservation system Regiondo connects customers with activities throughout Europe, such as city tours, balloon rides, outdoor pursuits, and amusement parks. It currently has a portfolio of 7,500 suppliers across 42 countries, making it a key player in the European market. For Livn’s travel partners, access to Regiondo represents a significant expansion.

“As a booking software with products in Europe, Livn connects to our inventory to resell it to their partners. For us, this brings a completely new target segment and allows our suppliers to address new markets”, said Regiondo CEO Oliver Nutzel.

Netherlands-based PrioTicket places an emphasis on convenience for travellers, particularly when they want to make T&A bookings while in-destination. It is a market leader for online tickets to museums and attractions, offers a PrioPass for multi-attraction access within a destination, and a mobile solution for suppliers who are always on the go – such as tour guides, bus operators, and outdoor activity coordinators. PrioTicket is also the reservation system used by City SightSeeing, the leading global bus tour company.

“We believe collaborating is the key to success and we shouldn't copy technology that others have but find each other’s strength and make use of this. Livn has a great team of people and a vision that meets the philosophy of PrioTicket. The Livn API is simple and clearly written with a great supportive team, and this made it one of the most positive integrations we have done so far”, said PrioTicket CEO Gert-Jan Ruiter.

Each of the newly-integrated reservation systems offers distinct benefits to clients, including expanded geographic reach, technological innovations, and a substantially larger supplier base. This will help travel partners meet customer demand for convenient, last-minute booking opportunities.


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