Nov 20, 2020 / Livn PR

Pelikin Joins the Tours & Activities Sector by Partnering with Livn

Pelikin, the multi-currency banking app with their own Visa Travel Card, is expanding their offering by joining forces with Livn. 

CEO Sam Brown realised an opportunity to improve travel cards and banking options for travellers in 2019. Since then, Melbourne-based Pelikin has changed the way Australians manage their money when travelling overseas.

Pelikin hit the ground running working with partners and investors, and shortly after released its core product, a Visa card and app (and recently launched desktop version) that supports five currencies: AUD, EUR, USD, GBP and NZD. It can be used in over 200 countries, both for Visa payments and withdrawing cash at an ATM, making banking overseas a breeze.

Building on their recent collaboration with Travel By Us, Pelikin also offers a travel sim card to keep data plan costs low overseas and affordable insurance coverage. 

Keen to tap into the experiences sector, Pelikin recently teamed up with Livn, who have spent years cultivating partnerships with global tour operators, to enable Pelikin to access over 35,000 tours & activities products via a single integration with the Livn API. The partnership allows Pelikin customers to book experiences directly from the Pelikin app. 

Sam is excited about the partnership and says, “Discounts to experiences is great, but offering these products while they are in the destination was the next logical step for us. We want to add more value to travellers’ lives, and Livn’s technology will help us achieve this.” 

As to why Livn was the chosen partner, Sam elucidated, “Livn came with excellent references from people within the travel network, and they also support and encourage us to form direct relationships with tour operators”. 

Pelikin will now be able to communicate and engage with travellers during their trip, not just in the planning stage. The additional engagement will help Pelikin to learn more about their customers’ preferences and evolve their product in the future. 

Sam adds, “As our customers start booking experiences, we will be able to identify best-selling products. When we know what our customers like the most, we can contact those tour operators directly and iron out direct commercial agreements so we can offer even better rates, making it a win-win for all parties.” 

The Livn network will be Pelikin’s automation-based technology facilitator, underpinning their commercial relationships and enabling their customers to see live, available content at the best possible rates. 

Aleta Hunt, Head of Partnerships at Livn, greeted the newest collaboration with Pelikin, saying, “Pelikin has proven its model with a mobile-first solution for travellers, and are now enhancing their offering and multi-device touch points. We are pleased to be part of their expansion journey by adding a new revenue stream and partnerships to their business.” 

Pelikin is currently focusing on Australian and New Zealand-based experiences and will release their international capabilities when borders reopen.  


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