Dec 20, 2018 / Livn PR

Retro Festive Fun to Celebrate a Successful Year at Livn

With the Christmas season now in full swing, there’s no better time to celebrate all the successes of 2018. At Livn, we’ve been doing precisely that! After a year of hard work, we dedicated a day to slowing down and having a wonderful time together.

The team that’s used to slaying a dragon a day turned their energies to stacking up points on a selection of games machines. In fact, the activities represented a mini timeline of the history of gaming. We enjoyed classic pinball, retro arcade games, and VR technology, as well as some amazing drinks. In short, the perfect festive celebration!

We began our gaming adventure with World Challenge Soccer, a beloved pinball machine. In an age of high-tech gaming, the fact that a relative antique could generate so much excitement and a healthy dose of competition was wonderful to see.

Inspired by Ready Player One and the trend for throwback gaming, we took things back to the eighties with some awesome arcade cabinets. Our colleagues – some of whom weren’t even around when these machines were introduced – loved the titles and the surprisingly intense challenge of games from the past.

The Livn team took to the track to compete in some thrilling games of Sega Rally. Introduced in 1994, this arcade classic was a welcome addition to our Christmas party.

Racing forward to present day, we had a great time using headsets and controllers to try out virtual reality games. VR is an exciting area of technology that’s developing rapidly, and for some of our team, it was the first time enjoying this immersive gaming experience.

No Christmas party is complete without tasty festive beverages, and we enjoyed beautifully-decorated drinks while trying out the games. Plenty of laughs, good-natured competition, and a celebration of everything we’ve achieved in 2018. Perfect!

At Livn, we place an emphasis on finding balance between hard work and good times. We are proud of the dedication and innovation our team have achieved in 2018, and it was entirely fitting to see out the year in style.

The next challenge is deciding how we’ll match this party in 2019 after we smash our goals for next year! Watch this space!


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